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Welcome to our world!

London's World-Famous Spa Bar

There is no requirement to wear a face-covering within Pleasuredrome nor is there a requirement for social distancing.


Our staff have all taken the vaccinations offered by the NHS when the opportunity has been offered to them.


Some of the measures we introduced because of Covid-19 have long-term beneficial effects, for example in reducing the spread of seasonal flu. So our much-enhanced ventilation system, our hand sanitising stations, and our body temperature camera will be retained.

The management and staff at Pleasuredrome thank all of our guests for their contiued support.


We hope that you continue to have a safe, enjoyable and relaxing time with us. We promise to do our very best to serve you at all times.

Team Pleasuredrome

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Operating Hours

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We never close. 

Our Prices

General Admission £20

Admission to persons aged 30-years-old and under £12


Minimum entry age 18 years old

Maximum stay 18 hours


Guests may be asked for proof that they are aged 18-years-old or more. Customers will need to show positive proof of age to qualify for the £12 concession. 



£4 for 2 hours

Maximum booking 2 hours

Guests may book a different room for a subsequent 2 hours


XL Rooms

£6 for 2 hours

Maximum booking 2 hours

Guests may book a different room for a subsequent 2 hours


Deluxe Pods

£8 for 2 hours

£14 for 4 hours

£20 for 6 hours

£26 for 8 hours (maximum stay - no further Pod booking is permitted)



50-minute massage £50

Admission and massage bought together £60

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Massage Experience

Our air-conditioned massage suite is available from 2 pm until 9 pm daily. We offer full-body relaxing massage by qualified masseurs. 



  • £50 for 50-minute massage

  • £60 includes admission and massage (50 minutes)


Fresh towels are provided together with a complimentary bottle of water from the bar and you may choose from a selection of music.

Are you a qualified masseur? Would you like to work with us, please submit CV to team@pleasuredrome.com



Would you like to know more about employment opportunities at Pleasuredrome?

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Getting Here

Located under a railway arch

just 1 minute from Waterloo Station