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Our world famous spa and sauna has notched up over two million Youtube views of their annual promo videos. Not content with setting aside just one day for our annual photo and film shoot, this year Pleasuredrome has shot over four days!

Recently we ran a Talent Search promotion on Instagram to recruit regular guys for our new promotional campaign and to appear in a short film. The four day shoot features a dozen men!

This month QX Men caught up with our brand manager, Christopher Amos, to chat about this year's ambitious promotional campaign.

Michele & Liam star in the new Pleasuredrome 2019 short film & promo

QX Men: We love the annual promo videos, why this year have you decided to also produce a short film?

Christopher: Each year we try to lift the bar a bit more. The first video five years ago featured a solo Rogan Richards touring the spa. Then each year we kept adding guys to the videos, three, four etc. So it makes sense this year to feature a lot more guys and represent different types of men. The budget was increased and instead of shooting on one day, we extended to four days. Photographer Johan Cloete (@johancloete) is also back with us this year to shoot the still photos which I have previewed and look amazing. So be sure to check out our QX adverts over the coming months!

Shot over 4 days inside Pleasuredrome

QX Men: What’s the short film about?

This delicious sexy tale revolves around a cute twentysomething fed up with online dating deciding to check in for an afternoon at the world famous Pleasuredrome spa in Waterloo. The script kind of wrote itself as I was scheduling all the guys taking part and had to think through the scenarios they were going to appear in based on where in the spa we were taking still photos for our print and image campaign. We had to manage the time wisely, especially as we were shooting inside a venue which never closes.

QX Men: Sounds amazing, what will happen once the film is completed?

Christopher: We will be sending this out to gay and lesbian film festivals initially. Meanwhile we will are releasing a promo video later this month. We actually shot a lot of content which includes mini-interviews with the guys plus behind the scenes footage of the shoot. This content will be released to our social media platforms for fans to watch. Readers should sign up to our newsletter to get latest updates > www.pleasuredrome.com/newsletter

Models Andre & Lucien on the first day of the shoot

QX Men: What was the highlight of the shoot?

Christopher: You are probably thinking we all play up together after shooting. Sadly, it’s all very professional. I always enjoy putting this together and meeting the guys who take part, I must have worked with over 40 sexy men over the past 9 years for these Pleasuredrome promotional campaigns. We have had featured porn stars, escorts, first-timers, even a reality TV star last year, Austin Armacost. My favourite part is when the guys start to relax and loosen up for the camera and we snap the sexy photos. They really enjoy the attention and we are happy to share with our Pleasuredrome fan base.

QX MEN: It must be a fine line between sexy and porn right?

Christopher: Actually we have to shoot PG photos to share on Facebook. Twitter is allowed to be a bit more raunchy. This new campaign is slightly different, we have taken images appropriate for various platforms. The Pleasuredrome Youtube channel has over 5000 subscribers so we will be outputting there more often too.

On set with Sergio filming gay mental health interviews

QX Men: Where and when can we see the new content?

Christopher: I’m working with fetish artist Tom Miller (@verbal.daddy) on our materials for our website, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube over the coming summer months plus we are very excited by the uptake on our Instagram feed we recently relaunched. We are supplying stories every day and on Facebook. Be sure to check it out search @PleasuredromeUK to follow us.


The director discussing the bar scene with Liam and David

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