What is included in entry admission?

Entry to Pleasuredrome give access to our facilities which include the spa pool, saunas, steam rooms, relaxation rooms, showers, there are additional private rooms available to hire for an additional fee. Each guest will receive a locker key for their complementary locker, inside you will have two white towels for your use.


What are the opening hours? 

We never close our doors. We are always open 24 hours a day, 7 days week. Even open Christmas Day and Easter holidays. 


Do you have large towels?

Yes, we have two sizes of towels, regular and larger towels. If you wish to swap your towel please ask at the reception. Additional towels can be hired for £1. 


Do you get flip flops?

These can be purchased for £5 from the reception. However if you sign-up to our Pleasuredrome Rewards we currently give you a free pair of Squirt sponsored flip-flops for a limited time. More information at


Is there a room to securely store a large suitcase?

Yes, we have an area where suitcases can be stored. Please enquire at the reception. Note, in exceptionally busy periods this courtesy may not be available.


Can I bring in bottled water?

As part of our security protocol for entry, no bottles containing fluids suitable for drinking are allowed inside Pleasuredrome. Drinking water is provided free of charge. 


Am I allowed to have a pass out if I want to go outside and come back later in the day?

Pleasuredrome does not offer pass outs.


Do you sell any gift vouchers/cards?

Not at the moment, we are currently looking into offering gift vouchers to launch next year.


Do I have to be 18?

Yes, we are adult men only venue, so guests must be 18-years-old and over. 


To receive the £5 off the entry price for being under 25 do you accept Passport as proof?

Yes, we accept original student cards, driver’s licence and passport as proof of age. 


Do you accept photocopies of ID?

Must be original. 


I have never been to a sauna - is there a certain etiquette I should follow? 

There is no particular sauna etiquette outside civilised etiquette respecting others and being polite. Our guests are here to relax and enjoy themselves.





Can I use £5 off entry voucher reward on signing up to Pleasuredrome Rewards on top of the £5 off entry for being 25 years or under?

Yes, the Reward is to use as a once off benefit for signing up to our Rewards program. This can be used in conjunction with paying £13 entry for being under the age of 25 (with proof of age ID).

Can I bring a digital copy of the £5 off entry voucher from Gay London Guide, QX Magazine or from signing up to Newsletter?
Yes, please show the current advertisement on your mobile device or a printed version to redeem this. Must be used within the valid time period on the voucher. This voucher can be used between 7am to 2pm, Monday to Friday.





Is Pleasuredrome close to Waterloo station?

Yes, we are a 1-minute walk from the train station. It can be tricky to find our entrance for the first time, you can read detailed clear instructions here >


How far from Soho is Pleasuredrome?

About 15 minute walk from Leicester Square via the Hungerford Bridge at Embankment, crossing the river walking to Southbank in Waterloo.





What is the dress code in Pleasuredrome?

Guests wear the white towel provided, wrapped around their waist. We have two size towels available. Some guests also wear flip flops on their feet. We sell these in the reception or guests can sign up to our Pleasuredrome Rewards promotion and receive a complimentary pair of Squirt flip-flops (promotion is for a limited time). 


Can I wear a swimsuit in the pool and around the spa?

Yes, if you wish to wear swimwear you are welcome to. 


Am I allowed to walk around naked inside Pleasuredrome?

Yes, guests are welcome to enjoy the spa naked with the exception of the bar area.


Can I wear stockings?
Yes, we sometimes have guests who wear stockings.


Can I wear drag inside Pleasuredrome?

No, as the spa is for relaxation purposes wearing clothes is not suitable attire to enjoy our facilities. 


Can I keep my clothes on inside Pleasuredrome?

No, guests are not to be fully clothed to enjoy the facilities, they wear the towels or go naked. 





What hours can I purchase an alcoholic drink at Pleasuredrome?

Always. Pleasuredrome is the only fully licenced 24 hour, 7 day a week gay venue in the UK to sell alcohol. We do of course, as required by law, reserve the right to stop serving drinks to a guest if they are too intoxicated.


Can I set up a tab in the bar?

We do not operate a tab system. We accept card payments and cash at the bar and cash.

Can I prepay drinks so I don’t have to keep going to my locker to get money or credit card to make payments?
We do not offer this facility as sometimes our staff change shifts. 


What bank cards are accepted?

We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express.





Where do I smoke?
We do not have a smoking area inside the venue. As a courtesy we allow one guest at a time to go outside the venue and come back again. They must smoke near the entrance.


Can I vape inside Pleasuredrome?

No, for the comfort of other guests we do not allow vaping.





Do you have somewhere I can douche?

At this stage there is no designated douching area.





Do you have free wifi access?

Yes, we have complimentary wifi access throughout the venue. 


Do you have somewhere I can charge my mobile phone?

Yes, we have dedicated phone charging lockers available near the reception area which are available free of charge for guests.





Can I rent a private room?

We have deluxe pods and also private rooms available to book from reception. Private rooms are £4 for 2 hours. Deluxe pods are £8 for 2 hours, £14 for 4 hours, £20 for 6 hours, £26 for 8 hours (maximum).


Can I book a private room in advance of coming to Pleasuredrome?

No, these can only be booked from the reception depending on availability on the day. 


When I was there I noticed some rooms closed all the time? Can these be rented for more than a few hours?

All rooms have a time limit and can not be rented past those hourly limits. Rooms may be occupied or closed for refurbishment or maintenance.





When can I get a massage and how do I book?

We offer massage treatments every day between 2pm - 9pm. Please call +44 (020) 7633 9194. More information can be found here


Do you offer couples massages as well?

Couples would need to book independent massages. 


Do massages come with a happy ending?

No, the relaxation massages are full body relaxation massage by qualified masseurs.





Do you have wheelchair access - what about sauna and spa use for wheelchair?
Guests with wheelchairs are welcome but their access is restricted only to the ground floor. There is step free access into the venue from reception. Instead of the first floor changing room the disabled toilet or, subject to availability, a pod, can be used for changing. We have a temporary ramp to enable the wheelchair to access the bar and spa pool area. There is step free access to one sauna, one steam room, the cinema and dark room. If we have advance notice we will always try and offer a member of staff to assist.

For further specific disability enquiries email allow 24 hours for a response.




I am a transexual man - am I allowed in your sauna?
Yes, if a customer has an official ID card showing they are male. 

I would like to visit Pleasuredrome with my wife, is she allowed to enter?
No, as Pleasuredrome is a men only spa. There are other venues in London which cater for men and women.



When can I come when there are bears present?

We are open all the time and welcome all men over the age of 18 years old. There is no particular time when more of a certain type of gay or bisexual man is in the spa.


Would I look odd being a bit hairy, with a big belly?

Not at all. We welcome all body types to Pleasuredrome. 


I just turned 18-years-old, will I be out of place at Pleasuredrome?

Over 15,000 men comes through the doors of Pleasuredrome every month. We get all ages, many men come here for the first time when they are of age. It is likely that other young men will be here when you visit. 


I am 75, am I too old to visit?

Just as we get young men coming for the first time, we get older men coming for the first time too. Pleasuredrome attracts a wide variety of ages, different nationalities, and body types. 



When is the busiest time at your sauna?

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Typically we are busiest early evenings and on weekends. As we are always open, we do have guests all the time.





I am a human urinal - can I do this in the shower area?

We are a health spa and do not have facilities available for this. 


Can I lay on the floor as a footrest?

For health and safety reasons of yourself and other patrons, we do not allow this. We do not want anyone to slip and fall. 





Do you provide lube and condoms?

Yes, these are available free of charge.



Can I bring my own poppers?

Yes, if the bottle is sealed. However we do not allow customers to bring in liquids. Poppers are also available to purchase from the reception. We sell Berlin for £10 and Liquid Gold for £8.


Do you sell tablets to get a hard on?

Yes, we sell Gold Max Blue tablet for £7.


Do you sell toiletries?

Yes, we sell disposable toothbrush & paste for £1, mouthwash for £2.50 and moisturiser £1.





Are there glory holes available?

Yes, throughout the venue there are glory holes to be discovered. 


Do you have a map of the sauna itself? 

We do not have such a map as the layout is a maze for our guests to enjoy and explore.


Do you have a sling?

No, we do not.


What sort of movies are played in the cinema?

The naughty sexy kind of film with men on men action.





Can I host an event at Pleasuredrome?

No, we would like all our guests to know whenever they visit they can enjoy their experience at Pleasuredrome without being concerned of events or parties taking place. 


Do you host any special events and theme nights?

No, we have no special events or theme nights at Pleasuredrome.





Do you have male escorts available?

We do not endorse escorts.





How do I apply to model for your advertisements? 

To enquire about our annual photoshoot enquiries can be sent to



I would like to hire Pleasuredrome for a photoshoot, is this allowed?

We do not allow for outside photographers or filmmakers to shoot at Pleasuredrome. 





Do you have any job vacancies?

If you wish to find out more about joining our Pleasuredrome team please visit