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If you are considering full-time or part-time work opportunities in a safe, friendly environment in central London, why not consider applying to join our team at Pleasuredrome?

Established 26 years ago, Pleasuredrome operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without ever closing. We are looking for team members who can work flexible hours and will be rewarded with good pay and training opportunities.

Good Pay 

Pleasuredrome offers a reasonable starter rate of £12 per hour plus all the usual benefits around holidays and pensions, which you would expect from a long-established and reputable employer.


Full Training 

We offer full on-site training. Once you have worked with us for a while and become part of the Pleasuredrome family, you will be considered for training courses such as first aid, food safety, and fire marshalling, enhancing your skill set.


Career Advancement

Learn new skills to enable you to apply for more senior posts within our operation or help you get the best possible job in the future should you decide to continue your career elsewhere, paid for by us.


Please send us an email today with your CV and look forward to a friendly informal interview with a member of our team.


Are you a qualified masseur? If would you like to work with us, please submit your CV to

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